Russ Crespolini
Russ Crespolini is a co-founder and the CEO of Massive Rooster Productions. Russ has always wanted to make movies and began as a child making small low budget camcorder films under the “RussCo” label.
Heavily involved in the arts, Russ was fortunate enough to find friends and partners from the stage and drag them (kicking and screaming) onto the screen. Director, writer and occasional actor, Russ is truly blessed to have such talented compatriots to work with at Massive Rooster.
Russ is a graduate of Rowan University where he received a B.A. in Communication Studies and of Montclair State University where he completed his M.A. in Speech and Theater. Currently a working journalist and college professor, Russ hopes to leave it all behind when Massive Rooster becomes a mega success.